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Eclectic Contemplative

Driven by a need for a more reflective approach to existence, I am exploring contemplative thought from a variety of traditions, particularly Catholic and Buddhist, in an effort to find a practice that will enable me to access that "inner room" that is at once still and luminous.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Honing in on a daily practice

I've fallen victim to the "reading about more than doing" syndrome of the intellectual dilettante! I'm even losing interest in reading about contemplative prayer or meditation or non-attachment methods, but the need is still there.

It would be enormously helpful to commit to sitting at least once a day, and beyond that to choose one or two other practices to pursue, whether it's mindful listening or lovingkindness mantras. I suspect that mindful listening would be a good practice, since it's easy to assume you know what the people you live with think and feel before they even open their mouths.

Another thing I should work on is letting go of my expectations for the outcome of the things I do, particularly with my children. They are getting to an age where they will make and live with their own choices, and I have far less influence than I used to. I'm merely a facilitator; they have their own independent relationships with the universe and eternity.

Hmmm...I felt far more inspired about writing about a few practices to focus on before it took me half an hour to reclaim this blog from the blogger/Google tangle! Perhaps I'll try again another day!


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