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Eclectic Contemplative

Driven by a need for a more reflective approach to existence, I am exploring contemplative thought from a variety of traditions, particularly Catholic and Buddhist, in an effort to find a practice that will enable me to access that "inner room" that is at once still and luminous.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dry spell

I am having a hard time disciplining myself to maintain any kind of daily prayer/meditation schedule. I guess I haven't been experiencing many "spiritual consolations" lately, and that has discouraged me. I know that all the experienced ones say that even when the value of the time spent isn't apparent, it is there. That "God's work is being done" in you even when you think all you have done is composed a grocery list with your time. But it's hard to stay motivated. It's also difficult because I had not established a routine before the "thrill was gone", and so it is that much easier not to keep up with something that was never defined to begin with!


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