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Eclectic Contemplative

Driven by a need for a more reflective approach to existence, I am exploring contemplative thought from a variety of traditions, particularly Catholic and Buddhist, in an effort to find a practice that will enable me to access that "inner room" that is at once still and luminous.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Annual Silent Retreat

I am about to embark on my second annual Holy Week silent retreat at a nearby Mission. It is the countdown during which I have to decide what to bring to read and do. Last time, I was very ambitious indeed! I will have to be more realistic this time! The first silent retreat I ever went on lasted only a weekend, but it was the most mentally liberating thing I had ever experienced - freedom from even small talk when I pass people in the hallway! Silent meals take getting used to, but lend themselves well to mindful eating. The second silent retreat was not so fecund, but I have high hopes for this one. I am mentally parched and in need of refreshment. Let's hope I find it this time!


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